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EasyHire online video interview platform


Built-in scheduling with
calendar integration

EasyHire online video interview platform face-to-face


Engage in face-to-face meeting with live video interview

EasyHire interview platform evaluation and review


Share, review and collaborate
on interview evaluation

EasyHire interview


Interview data is stored in secure
cloud and is only accessible to you

EasyHire browser video interview


Fast and reliable browser-to-browser
video and file sharing with no overhead

EasyHire online video interview platform efficiency


Leverage your team to interview
more candidates in less time

Integrated with:

Video interviews anytime, anywhere


Structure your interviews by specifying the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the job. Formulate the evaluation criteria when compiling interview questions and a rating scale before the interview.


Engage your candidate in a video conversation in the unique EasyHire Interview Room. Conduct the interview using the previously compiled questions while making notes and rating the candidates' responses.


Review the interviews with your team using EasyHire's recording feature. Share & analyze interview recordings, feedback and notes, and collaborate with your team to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

Video Interview Platform that helps you spot talent in seconds

Conduct a meaningful and productive interview every time. Impress top-talent with an easy and convenient interviewing process.

  • Develop an interview format that works for you
  • Compile appropriate questions and rating criteria
  • Engage in on-demand or real-time video interviews
  • Record and share interview reports

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